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Please Participate in the Third Annual State of Testing Survey 2016

state of testing
It is that time again for the State of Testing Survey! The first year about 600 people participated and last year it grew to almost 900 Testers! I hope you were one of them. Can you take a few minutes to participate in this important survey? Click here to participate. The survey is sponsored jointly by QA Intelligence – Testing & QA Management blog by PractiTest and Tea-Time with Testers.

The survey seeks to identify the existing characteristics, practices and challenges facing the testing community in hopes to shed light and provoke a fruitful discussion towards improvement. If you are not sure if you want to participate, take a look at last year’s results by clicking here. A lot of valuable information on how other Testers are spending their time, how they plan, methodologies used, challenges faced and much more! I hope you will take some time to complete this valuable survey as I believe you will find the information helpful!

And can you do us a favor? Reblog this posting to let other people know about this survey. Or perhaps you can ask co-workers or friends to complete the survey. Thank you for your consideration.

Get your copy of the State of Testing 2013 — it is hot off the press!!

In a prior posting I invited testers to participate in the State of Testing Survey. This is a unique survey asking testers about the current state of testing such as what approaches, techniques, and tools that they use plus their opinion on the challenges in the testing field. The survey is sponsored by Lalit Bhamare, one of the editors of Tea-time with Testers and Joel Montvelisky co-founders of PractiTest. I do love the collaboration within the world-wide Testing Community – I believe it is a community to be envied because many professionals cannot tap into a similar network.

Today the results was published and you can download the free survey report. I do not want to say too much about the results and take away from their report. However, I am impressed with the number of testers who participated, the information gathered, the layout of results, and brief narrations throughout the report. There is a ton of valuable information and as a Software Testing Manager I will spend some serious time reviewing the results to determine how my team compares to the community and identify opportunities for future endeavors.

So grab a cup of tea and take some time to read this valuable survey. If you did not participate or perhaps did not know about it, there is good news. They plan on conducting the survey on a yearly basis. So near the end of this year I will let you know when you can participate. I would like to thank Lalit and Joel for their dedication of time to create, analyze, and publish this important survey for the Testing Community.

‘State of Testing’ Survey

One of the things I love about the Testing Community is how we share information and learn together. Before I move on with more postings on leadership, I wanted to share with you information I learned from Lalit Bhamare, one of the editors of Tea-time with Testers about a project he and Joel Montvelisky are embarking upon. You may be familiar with Joel’s blog QA Intelligence – a QABlog and the e-magazine Tea-time with Testers.

Background on this project
Joel was looking for information to write a post about the advances in the testing world in the last 5-10 years and he realized that there is no centralized set of information that provides visibility into what is happening and what are the trends in the world of testing today. That is when he turned to Lalit and they decided to turn this into a project.

They are going to launch a survey towards the end of the week and it will run for about 10 days. For this project to be productive the survey needs to reach as many testers as possible worldwide.

How you can participate
This is where you and I can be part of this project. Please click here and you will be directed to Joel’s blog where he shares more information about this survey and you can subscribe to get notified when the survey goes live! All you need to do for now is enter your email address to receive the notification. This is an excellent opportunity to be involved at the beginning as this is a survey that will be conducted each year. What a fabulous idea to start gathering information on testing trends and how they change over time.

What else you can do
After you sign-up to participate in the survey, let your friends and co-workers know about the survey. You can share this information through Twitter, Facebook, G+ and other social media platforms. The more testers around the world that participate the better the results. I do hope you will consider participating!