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Welcome to my blog “The Testers Edge”. In exploring names for my blog, my husband mentioned Tester Edge. I liked that because it reminded me of  “CFNY 102.1 The Edge”, an indie and new music station out of Toronto. I always loved the freedom of indie bands that knew their music was about creative expression and art instead of commercialized, cookie-cutter music. From the art world I have always loved the Impressionists and abstract art. There is a sense of freedom and expression in the art. They provide an avenue for you to get lost in the artist’s paint strokes and emotions. The Impressionists were considered on the edge since their painting did not follow the standard approach. Instead they painted what they saw using free brush strokes blurring the edges and often painted outside to be inspired by nature.

My life is not about following the crowd instead finding my own way and challenging what is presented to me. From a testing perspective I believe in the freedom to understand the context of what you are testing to determine the best testing strategies and approaches. Testing should never be a static activity where you define an approach and then just execute it. We start with an initial approach and as we learn through our tests that approach can change. Often what we think is important to test may change as new risks are encountered or we better understand the testing problem.

My blog is about my 20+ years in the tech field from software testing, project planning, and programming. I will share my experiences, observations, and thoughts on testing. Over time I would like to centralize all of my testing material. This means I will be revising previously published articles with credit and a link back to the original publication. This should make it easier for my readers and for me to find material on a specific testing topic. I will be sharing the books I find valuable, how I approach different testing challenges, webinars I find helpful, and much more!

I am a continual learner and welcome your thoughts because I learn through connecting with other tech people. My testing philosophy comes from both the context-driven and agile world. I learn so much from both communities. As a tester, I encourage you to keep an open-mind, challenge what you see and hear, and learn to balance time and testing. Normally you will not have all the time you want to test so you need to manage risks and have a toolbox filled with different ways to approach problems. But mostly… enjoy … the testing field is an incredible journey! As with any art – testing is about connecting with your product and your testing passion.

I had the privilege of being interviewed for two technical websites.

TechTarget – Software testing management: Product quality applications by fostering culture of respect. By Lisa Crispin

IT Knowledge Exchange – The IT Files. Interviewed by Shilpa Venkateshwaran

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Bernice Niel Ruhland

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  1. Seeing that punch card brought back memories of my intro to computers at Boston U in 1967. Fortran 4 programming. Sometimes I miss those times and the days of DOS when we could really experiment with attempting our own programs, even those initial .bat files. Anyway, thanx for the post on L Nimoy. The new Star Trek movies are also awesome. (I was in love with the original Ahura.) Peace.

    1. I also enjoy the new Star Trek movies! And yes, those early days of computing was so much fun – in a different way than it is today. I use to love DOS and had concerns with Windows since people did not understand the underlying functionality and were moving and deleting their system files!

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