What Will You Do To Develop Your Leadership Potential?

Action Plan
I have posted several articles on suggestions on how you can develop your leadership skills. Hopefully you found this information helpful with a suggestion or two that you can use in developing your skills. Now it is up to you to decide what to do next.

Personal Integrity
Integrity as defined by dictionary.com is the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; and honesty. I would guess that most people believe they have integrity, as they are honest and ethical people. Lets dig a little deeper into personal integrity and ask a few questions that are important for leaders.

• If I tell someone I will take care of something, do I complete it as promised or does the person need to follow-up with me?
• Do my actions speak louder than my words? Do I live the lifestyle I claim to live?
• Do I gossip and spread rumors?
• Do people feel they can approach me when there is a problem or question?
• Do I have a temper where people do not find me approachable?

There are more questions that could be asked but we have to determine if people trust us and seek us out.

I believe strongly that actions speak louder than words. As an example, we all know it is important to have a good working relationship with the developers and the business people. Do not be a tester who talks about the importance of relationship building – instead lead in that aspect. When there are problems or more information is needed on the business requirement, reach out to the appropriate people and lead those efforts from a testing aspect. Build a reputation in the various functional areas allowing you to tap into those relationships. Just as important encourage these people to seek you out with problems and questions.

Your Personal Integrity Action Plan
What areas do you need to address? How visible are you in key functional areas? Do people seek you out? Why do people seek you out? Why do they not? Starting today what changes can be made to start building more meaningful relationships?

Do you have an area of expertise whether it is product knowledge, data processing, or a particular testing approach (i.e., load testing)? How can you take a leadership role in leading lunch and learn sessions, round table discussions or other forms of training and discussions? This could lead to inviting other testers to present their expertise with you overseeing and leading the process.

Your Expertise Action Plan
What are your areas of expertise? How can a leadership role be developed in that area? What expertise would you like to develop? What are the company needs that might be a good fit? Based upon this assessment, what is your plan to achieve these goals?

Journal Clubs
Facilitating journal clubs is a great way to show leadership skills because they can demonstrate organization, communication, time management, and conflict resolution skills. If your company does not have a journal club determine if you can start one whether it is during work hours or afterwards. Refer to my posting for more information on journal clubs.

Your Journal Club Action Plan
Do you think you would enjoy leading a journal club? If yes, be sure to research strategies on facilitating a journal club to ensure it is a beneficial experience to those attending. What are your first steps to move this initiative forward?

What Will You Do?
Throughout this series, I have provided different learning materials and suggestions for developing your leadership skills. Many of these suggestions may not seem like large initiatives and all of them may not be applicable. Plus there are other avenues not discussed in this series. Regardless of your approach, it takes time, practice, and receiving feedback from the right people. Building your leadership skills is similar to building your testing skills. Start small and work your way to larger initiatives.

What are your leadership opportunities and what is your plan to progress your skills and abilities?

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7 responses

  1. Another wonderful article on leadership, Bernice. I couldn’t agree more about integrity. AT the end of the day you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror. Nice job!


    1. Thanks so much Teri! I think “integrity” is really missing from a lot of people. It is easy to talk about what you are going to do but then never followup or deliver on those promises. That always drives me crazy!! Thanks for stopping by and your support of The Testers Edge.

  2. Thanks Bernice for articulating the details on Integrity and as always you talked about the details and how to do it rather than just theory. I also got interested in the Journal club stuff and we used to have a Knowledge Sharing group earlier at our workplace. But this sounds like more practical and I might give it a try this year. Thanks again!

    1. I really like Journal Clubs to introduce new topics to the team. It also helps gauge peoples’ interest in pursuing different testing approaches and techniques. Plus what might be beneficial to the team. Some journal clubs we use more as a general learning opportunity where others turn into small projects where we introduce something new into our department. For one journal club, we rotated the responsibility by allowing each tester an opportunity to select and distribute an article and then lead the discussion. It was interesting to see what everyone is interested in as each person selected very different topics.

  3. Really Integrity inside out is missing more everywhere either we talk in personal life or in professional life and due to this more and more people never share their knowledge more in form of session either on lunch table or even on some well organised KT sessions.
    So I do believe that we should stick to personal integrity to reciprocate the same flying color in profession life too.

    Nice post as delicious as well cooked food. !!!!

    1. Thank you Dwarika!! I believe it is just too easy for people to quickly say they are going to do something and then never follow through – whether it is in your personal or professional life. I too think it is important for each person to contribute to others professional development. We each benefited at some point in our career from other people who helped us. In turn we should help others. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

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