Books I Read: Love ‘EM or Lose ‘EM by Beverly Kane & Sharon Jordan-Evans

Love em
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

As the subtitle of this book indicates “26 Engagement Strategies for Busy Managers”. It is a great reference for any manager, supervisor, or team leader. I do not have time to read every book cover to cover. I tend to purchase books that I can use as a reference tool. This book provides engagement and retention strategies from A through Z. As an example, chapter 13 is: Mentor Be One. It is not a structured mentoring program that you might find through your HR department, but guidelines that anyone can use right now. The authors define Mentor as:

Model what you want your employees to do.
Encourage and support your people during the good times and bad.
Nurture their ideas, relationships, and them!
Teach or tell it like it is. Help them avoid those
Organizational minefields that are never written about in any policy manual

The authors spend several pages on discussing their mentoring model that you can use immediately. Many of the chapters have exercises, worksheets, examples, and to do lists to summarize each chapter. It is an easy book to read and most likely you will not read it cover to cover. I would recommend that you select one chapter and take some time to work through the material. This is a hands-on book that works best if you work through the exercises and then adapt them to your environment. The recommendations can apply to any department as employee retention is important for all businesses. The material will get you started but is not in-depth. If you were looking to introduce a structured mentoring program in your organization this book would not guide you through all the steps. But if you are looking for a few ideas and a starting point, then this is a good book. If you know someone who has recently been promoted to a managerial position, consider providing her with a copy. For those who have been in management for many years, can still find value with the tips and suggestions.

You can purchase this book through Amazon.

Now it is your turn! What are your experiences, thoughts, or observations?

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