Books I Read: Hiring Geeks That Fit by Johanna Rothman

Hiring Geeks That Fit
Picture courtesy of Amazon.

I started my career working in Human Resources as a Compensation Analyst. As part of that job I did my own programming in order to analyze wage data to make recommendations on competitive pay practices. In that role I also wrote job descriptions and worked closely with the recruiters since I needed to understand the job responsibilities in order to price a job. I did not realize how much that knowledge would be helpful as a manager when I needed to write job descriptions and recruit. From my Masters in Strategic Leadership I conducted a research project on onboarding and training new employees.

Many people will not have my background so I was happy when I read Johanna Rothman’s book “Hiring Geeks That Fit”. She does a wonderful job in laying out a recruitment strategy from the initial planning of the skills and responsibilities required of the new employee through ensuring you have an onboarding and training plan when they start. Remember the first day is critical because you want your new employee to go home happy that she joined your department!

Johanna provides a lot of templates and valuable examples to get you started. You can easily adapt them to the position you are recruiting. Even though I have a lot of experience in the areas covered in her book, whenever I am recruiting I pull out my Kindle and skim through this book. I always pick up a few ideas and it helps challenge my thinking. In particular I like the idea of providing a recruitment focus to each person on the interview team. Too many times when we recruit we send in several people to interview and they all ask similar questions. With a bit of planning we can do a better job in the questions we ask to evaluate the candidate’s fit and to provide her with more information on the job. Recruitment is a two-way road. Not only are we interviewing the candidate but she is also interviewing us to determine if our company and job is a good fit.

Regardless if you have a lot of experience in hiring employees or you are a new manager and this is your first hire – you need to get a copy of this book! For those who are new to recruitment, I recommend you read it from cover to cover and go through the exercises. They are important in helping you understand what skills you really need and to bridge that information to your interview team. If you are not the hiring manager but are part of an interview team, I do believe you will find value from this book in framing questions and evaluating the candidates. For those of us who have done a lot of hiring this a great reference book.

You can find Johanna’s book on Amazon.

Now it is your turn! What are your experiences, thoughts, or observations?

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